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Recipes That Bring That Sweet Heat
By Justin Faubert / Photography By | Last Updated February 19, 2020

Many cultures around the world feature dishes that are sweet and spicy. It’s not surprising that you’ll find these spicy dishes in regions that have above-average temperatures for most of the year. Peppers prefer a long hot growing season, plus, when the temperature rises, dishes that contain high amounts of sugar and spice limit bacterial growth.

The bonus is that sweet and spicy work so well together. Our tastebuds are limited to tasting sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami, but also react to the sensation caused by spice. Sugar tempers the burning effects of the capsaicinoids, the compounds in peppers and chilis that create the burning sensation. Whether you are a big fan of spice or have a serious sweet tooth, these recipes are sure to add just what your tastebuds are looking for.

Winter Salad with sweet and spicy nuts

This colourful salad hits the spot when the regular summer-grown vegetables are not available. The sweet and spicy nuts give this salad a good crunch, and if you make yourself a bigger...

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Aleppo barbecue seasoning

The only thing better than pan-fried Brussels sprouts is this recipe for pan-fried Brussels sprouts with a barbecuechip flavoured seasoning.

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